Spacelite was started by Yuriy while he was working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science. He focused on Cloud Technologies, Data Science, and Strategic Technology Management seeing them as huge growth avenues for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From the start, Spacelite has applied this philosophy to solving problems for our clients as well as helping them build durable and scalable systems for years to come. After 7 years of improving other companies' products, Spacelite transitioned to developing their own based on simple principles:

  • Focus on what we're good at
  • Unlock new opportunities for customer productivity
  • Make it look great

Meet the Team

Picture of Yuriy Kuzma smiling, hanging out by a river under a bridge, and holding binoculars. Yuriy is wearing a red backpack, white sweatshirt, and jeans.
Yuriy Kuzma
Founder & President